We construct powerful e-commerce websites that look fantastic, are easy to update, are secure, and provide you with all the tools you need to manage products, pricing, customers, promotions, invoicing and more…

Over the years, we have built and managed a wide variety of successful e-commerce websites for our clients. Some of which generate and handle millions of pounds in sales annually.
Our e-commerce websites are designed and coded using ‘best practice’ in order to generate confidence in our clients’ brands and products. Our systems also offer PCI complience, flexibility, ease of use, and security.
They allow our clients to control most aspects of the site easily and quickly from any computer at any time.
We can also integrate advanced features, such as the provision of analysis data, stock control systems, special offer systems and mailing lists. We can even integrate your items with specialist product listing search engines for maximum exposure online.
We use either established e-commerce platforms such as Magento, if your needs are relatively modest, or can build completely bespoke systems, if you require the ultimate level of flexibility.
As a priority, each individual page of your website is coded to be SEO-friendly; therefore people can find your products on search engines such as Google, even
if these products are located deep within the internal pages of your website. This feature especially, can make all the difference to your bottom line and the success
of your online store.
Talk to us to take advantage of our knowledge, skills and experience. We would be happy to show you sample case studies and advise you on how we can help build and support a successful e-business for you.


  • "The agency Pixel Design was the author of the design of our website (kurubis.com) and several brochures for our customers."
    Didier Cornillon - Cave Kurubis
  • Dali Jazi Avenu, Sidi El Mahersi
  • Khmais Mansour building second floor
  • 8000 . Nabeul . Tunisia