It Business School
  • It Business School is a private graduate school located in Nabeul. It guarantees several courses for students. Our agency started by designing a graphic chart for the website in the basic colors are those of customer logo. NOur second mission was to design a website with the latest technologies that has a private space for students and teachers by offering easy communication and accessible to all users. All courses and training are well detailed in the website by listing the different subjects to study during the training cycle.
  • Our expertise for this project :

    Custom design
    Parce que les clients et prospects jugent une entreprise à son image.
    HTML, CSS3, AJAX, JavaScript Technologies
    For an ergonomic site, attractive, efficient, respecting web standards.
    Photo Shooting
    Take photo in the studio or outside for a professional rendering.
    Google Maps
    Easy and interactive location of the company.
    Strategy and concept
    The experience and ideas of the Pixel Design team at the service of its customers.
    Photo Gallery
    Present your business or establishment in pictures.
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  • "The agency Pixel Design was the author of the design of our website ( and several brochures for our customers."
    Didier Cornillon - Cave Kurubis
  • Dali Jazi Avenu, Sidi El Mahersi
  • Khmais Mansour building second floor
  • 8000 . Nabeul . Tunisia